Monday, April 9, 2007


I was on a trip to Mysore for the past four days. While I was in the Bus stand, an interesting incident happened that kept me pondering. It is in the context of a person's right to know and not be cheated.

I enter a cold drink shop and ask for a 'minute maid' orange juice.

Shopkeeper - Here it is. That'll be 29 rupees.

Self - But it says 25 rupees on the cover. Why should I pay more?

Shopkeeper - the extra 4 rupees is a cooling/ chilling charge.

Self - But it says 25 is the MRP on the bottle and you cannot charge more that that.

Shopkeeper - Take it or leave.

Self - In fact, don't you worry, i'll do both.

I then go to the Station master and complain. He goes to them and threatens to withdraw their license. The same shop keeper later gives me my drink for 25 rupees.
I wonder how many other people would have had to pay extra for such injustice. Could they be gullible enough to fall for such acts and tolerate such nonsense? In fact, I noticed that most of them dont have the urge to stand up for their rights and beliefs. For them 4 rupees means nothing. In a concluding observation, it is difficult to stand up for rights in this country when a majority does not want to stand for their protection.



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