Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Queer Thoughts



Till recently I hadn’t realized that the insertion of an article would mean a lot. The usage of an adjective as a noun is a mere reflection of the way we think in the society. Such improper usage does have a major impact on the people who are in the receiving end of this term. By referring to someone as ‘a gay’, we create a sort of an identity of the person without any justification. Orientation has never been the basis of any classification in our society and never should be. The point is that we in India, do not realize it. Neither does most of the world.

We have been discussing social exclusion in class for the past one week. Looking at the ways in which the state has the responsibility to provide for the protection of a socially excluded group. Surprisingly, no one looked at it from the perspective of homosexuals. On one hand we say that the state recognizes that social exclusion is bad and must protect the excluded group and provide for their welfare. On the other, we have the State that is itself creating a socially excluded group. Section 377 does precisely that. It creates normality into an abnormality and all because most people in the society think so. The other day, we had some one saying that being gay is a deformity (by birth). Like how ridiculous can one get?

Offences are wrongs in the society. Accordingly, the confession by a person about his/her orientation, which may I remind you is a private act, is a wrong. Some people gather the courage to break the societal obstacles and speak up and we on the other hand, despise them.

Verbal usage then plays an important role in referring people by terms. For most, who think that homosexuality is wrong, they use ‘ a gay’ and create an unwanted identity. Other sensible people use the adjective. The truth remains that the latter however, is the correct usage and the creation of an identity is wrong.

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