Sunday, July 22, 2007

Celebrating Pratibha

Its taken 60 years for us to elect a woman President. After a lot of lashing out by the opposition about her credentials, she finally won it fair.
But is she the right candidate for the Job? A lot of people would argue about that. I'd like to make one thing clear, "We are not America!". I say this because the President is a puppet and a representative head of our Country and in these circumstances qualifications dont matter. Shekhawat might be better for the job, but at the ceremonies and TV shows, I'd rather see my country being represented by a Woman. It is a sign of equality and that gender bias on the face of it has ended in our country.
Look at Ms. Patil. An extremely learned and spiritual lady. Its been a long way for her, standing up all for herself in the 1970's and winning an election 5 times. Then lastly becoming the Governor of a State. For someone who has to sit at Raisina Hill and pass Bills, that is more than enough. It is a sign of vigour and courage that she has put up in her life.
Kudos Ms. Patil. Enjoy your five years at Raisina.

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