Sunday, July 22, 2007

Presidents to be

In a continuation to my previous post, I was browsing through India Uncut when I came upon this referral to The Washington Post. The article was titled "Hillary Clinton's tentative dip into Neckline Territory". The post couldn't get any more hilarious. One of the paras says,

With Clinton, there was the sense that you were catching a surreptitious glimpse at something private. You were intruding -- being a voyeur. Showing cleavage is a request to be engaged in a particular way. It doesn't necessarily mean that a woman is asking to be objectified, but it does suggest a certain confidence and physical ease. It means that a woman is content being perceived as a sexual person in addition to being seen as someone who is intelligent, authoritative, witty and whatever else might define her personality. It also means that she feels that all those other characteristics are so apparent and undeniable, that they will not be overshadowed.

And then it goes on as to what it takes for a woman to show her cleavage. Well Pratibha Patil would make quite a contrast to this. I got a comment saying that APJ set high standards which would be difficult to compete with. Well, beat this!
Imagine that in 2008 both of them are woman Presidents and meet each other. One in a sari and the other a Donna Karan gown!!

PS: this post has nothing to do with HR or anything that this blog is meant for. Just felt like putting it up.

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